Our Story

Nice to meet you

We are Ryan and George, co-founders of Rho Nutrition. With over 5 years of executive experience in the nutraceutical industry working with top PhD Chemists, we identified a major problem with the vitamin industry - despite 86% of Americans taking vitamins daily, they only absorb 20-30% of the nutrients, potentially rendering the 150-billion-dollar industry largely ineffective.

Tackling The Problem

We were determined to find a solution to this problem so we turned to a clinical absorption technology called "Liposomal Delivery," which we had previously worked with, and saw remarkable results. In some cases seeing absorption rates increased by up to 1000%. This technology had been used in the pharmaceutical industry for years to improve absorption rates of medications and we wondered whether it could work for vitamins as well.

The Solution

We ran some tests and the results were astounding. In some cases, we saw absorption rates increase by up to 1000%! Our goal is to revolutionize the vitamin industry by using the Liposomal Delivery system to make vitamins more effective. We're passionate about giving people the ability to actually benefit from the vitamins they're taking, and we're proud to be leading the charge towards a more effective and efficient vitamin industry. Say goodbye to placebos and hello to real results.


George & Ryan

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