Where it all started...

I spent the past decade immersed in the Nutritional Supplement Manufacturing industry, collaborating with renowned PhD Chemists to formulate products for many household name brands.

Yet, amidst the industry's allure, I couldn't ignore the glaring disparity between promises and reality. Many major companies prioritized profits over customer well-being, offering little more than placebos.

Driven to make a difference, I partnered with my colleague George, industry experts and award-winning PhDs to establish Rho – a brand rooted in trust, innovation, and genuine wellness. Together, we spent countless hours crafting products we'd trust for our own families. Every formulation starts with potent, clean, and bioavailable ingredients, delivered via a next generation Liposomal Delivery System for unparalleled cellular absorption.

With over a million servings sold, we've made our mark on the supplement industry, and our journey has only just begun.


Ryan Bishop, Co-Founder of Rho

My Daily Rho Regimen

To start my day...

I add Rho NAD+ to my morning glass of spring water to energize my cells and support cellular longevity. This gives me sharp focus and clean energy throughout the day.

To recover

I take a teaspoon of Rho Curcumin + Resveratrol in the afternoon to help support a healthy inflammation response, improve my immune system and support healthy aging on a cellular level.

To Relax

In the evening I add Rho Liposomal Magnesium into a 6oz glass of water. The Magnesium Bisglycinate works its magic, calming my mind, quieting racing thoughts, and helping me decompress. I've noticed that my sleep is much deeper as a result.