Our Story

Nice to meet you

We’re Ryan and George, co-founders of Rho Nutrition. Our journey started
when we were both working in the supplement industry. We were lifelong vitamin consumers ourselves, but we shared the same frustration and disappointment. The brands we thought were great… well, after peaking behind the curtain, not so great after all. So, we decided it was time to take things into our own hands and the rest was history.

The Problem

Poor absorption and supplements made for profits, not people...

Ryan, Co-Founder - “As a lifelong consumer of supplements, I never knew whether the vitamins were truly being absorbed. As I worked in the supplement industry, I came to understand that many traditional pills and powders are made up of nutrients that are beneficial, but have poor absorption. I just knew vitamins could be so much better if properly absorbed."

On top of the absorption issue, was the fact that all the brands we thought were great... turns out they were owned by Big Pharma and Big Food, something we like to call "Big Herba". This meant corporate bureaucracy and shareholders. Then it just becomes a race to the bottom trying to find the cheapest ingredients possible.

We needed a solution…

The Solution

Liposomes for better absorption & self funding the business to ensure ingredient integrity.

The mission was in place and we got to work. We sought out two of the top PhD scientists in the U.S. when it came to working with Liposomes. We brought them the idea and they helped us bring it to life.

We thoughtfully and ethically sourced the best ingredients from around the world always choosing ones made in the US when possible. We put in place, rigorous quality and safety standards with multiple rounds of third-party testing. Made sure to get rid of any unnecessary fillers and BS ingredients and Rho Nutrition was born!


George & Ryan

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Feel free to reach out to us! We’re real people, here to help any way we can. Drop us a message and we'll get back to you right away.

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