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Liposomal NAD+ supercharges your health by enhancing energy levels, promoting cellular repair, and supporting anti-aging processes. Its advanced liposomal delivery ensures superior nutrient absorption.
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Science Behind NAD+

In the world of health and wellness, few discoveries have been as exciting as NAD+ (Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide).

NAD+ is a vital player in the production of ATP, the primary carrier of energy within our cells. This means NAD+ has the potential to supercharge our energy levels and enhance our bodies' natural repair processes while supporting anti-aging by maintaining the health of our telomeres, the protective 'caps' at the ends of our DNA strands.


We recommend taking 1 serving per day, 6ml, which is just over 1 teaspoon. It can be taken directly from the teaspoon but to be best enjoyed we recommend stringing it into cold water, juice or mixing it into your favorite smoothie.

Rho Liposomal NAD+ has a light Lemon Essence flavor. You can also easily mix it with a glass of water, juice, smoothie or shake which completely masks the taste.

Before opening the products should be stored in a cool dry place. Once opened they should be refrigerated for best taste and freshness.

Liposomes shield nutrients from being destroyed during digestion and are absorbed exceptionally well because they’re made from Phosphatidylcholine. A class of phospholipids that also make up our body’s cell membranes. Due to their similarity to cell membranes, Rho Liposomes easily diffuse through the cell wall and release the full nutrient payload where it is needed most, in the individual cells of the body.

All Rho products are manufactured in the USA, using thoughtfully selected worldwide ingredients.

Yes, at Rho Nutrition every single product undergoes a rigorous quality control process ensuring we are setting the industry standard for quality and safety. Every step of the manufacturing process is carefully documented, tested and done in a cGMP, allergen free facility. Every product undergoes a pre production  third party test for purity, identity, and potency and an additional test prior to shipment.

Yes, all Rho products are made in an allergen free facility and are soy free, gluten free, non-GMO, dairy free, vegan and nut free.