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Ultra-High Absorption Liquid NAD+

One delicious daily liquid serving

Doctor-formulated & approved

Boost NAD+ levels at a fraction of the cost
of injections

NAD+ levels begin to decrease by 50% after the age of 30.

Rho is here to change that...

One daily teaspoon for

Enhanced Cellular Energy & Longevity

What to expect when you replenish NAD+ levels:

Smooth, clean and focused energy.

Support healthy aging on a cellular level.

Protect your DNA from stressors.

Promote collagen synthesis for healthy skin.

Improve muscle function and post workout recovery.

60-day money back guarantee

Easily add to your routine

less than $2 a day


Step 1

Take one teaspoon in the morning either directly or add to your favorite drink.


Step 2

Our Liposomal delivery system ensures ultra-high absorption directly to your cells.


Step 3

Enjoy daily to enhance cellular energy and fight aging at the cellular level.

60-day money back guarantee

Pure, Potent & High Absorption

Rho uses a clinically validated Liposomal absorption system making it a more effective way to increase NAD+ levels in the body.

Clinical Benefits of NAD+

Energy Production

NAD is a critical enzyme involved in cellular metabolism. By supporting the conversion of nutrients into energy, NAD+ helps enhance energy levels and combat fatigue.*

DNA Repair

By supporting DNA repair enzymes called sirtuins, NAD+helps protect and maintain the integrity of the genetic material, potentially reducing the risk of DNA damage-related conditions.*

Mitochondrial Function

NAD plays a role in maintaining healthy mitochondrial function by improving mitochondrial efficiency which leads to enhanced cellular energy production and potentially slowing down aging.*

Brain Health

NAD plays a crucial role in supporting brain health. It enhances neuronal communication, fostering better cognitive function and providing protective effects against neurodegenerative disorders. *

What Separates Rho From The Rest?

60-day money back guarantee

Doctor Approved &
Rigorously Tested

Rho Nutrition is a scientifically legitimate brand with ingredients backed by clinical data, showing optimal absorption.

Approved by

Dr. Michael Curran

Board Certified Cardiologist

Rho Nutrition is a scientifically legitimate brand with ingredients backed by clinical data, showing optimal absorption.

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Rho Liposomal NAD+

10x More Powerful Inflammation Management, Eases Joint Pain & Stiffness, Supports Gut Health, & Promotes Youthful Aging*